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binary editor and viewer
beav (Binary Editor And Viewer) is an editor for binary files containing
arbitrary data. Text file editors, on the other hand, expect the files they
edit to contain textual data, and/or to be formatted in a certain way (e.g.
lines of printable characters delimited by newline characters).
With beav, you can edit a file in HEX, ASCII, EBCDIC, OCTAL, DECIMAL, and
BINARY. You can display but not edit data in FLOAT mode. You can search or
search and replace in any of these modes. Data can be displayed in BYTE,
WORD, or DOUBLE WORD formats. While displaying WORDS or DOUBLE WORDS the
data can be displayed in INTEL's or MOTOROLA's byte ordering. Data of any
length can be inserted at any point in the file. The source of this data
can be the keyboard, another buffer, or a file. Any data that is being
displayed can be sent to a printer in the displayed format. Files that are
bigger than memory can be handled.
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